Hatchie River is the longest naturally meandering river left in the Lower Mississippi Valley.

The Hatchie River is a 238-mile-long river in northern Mississippi and southwestern Tennessee. It is of considerable geographic, cultural, and historic significance. In large measure this is because it is the only major river of West Tennessee that has never been impounded, channelized, or otherwise modified by human activity to any major degree, although several of its tributaries have. Its environs are indicative of what much of West Tennessee must have resembled prior to the time of European settlement in early 19th century.

The Hatchie River is remarkable as it contains the largest forested floodplain in Tennessee. Because it has remained undammed and largely unchannelized, the natural flood processes that drive the ecosystem are intact, sustaining the river and wetland habitats that support a rich ecological diversity.

*information from history of Hatchie ,natural rivers

Ok let’s start here. yes, there were settlements in the 19th

Century but historians have proof the French traders and trappers were using the Hatchie River in the 15th century. They traded with the Chickasaw and other tribes . There are also signs where homes were built along the Hatchie . In Haywood Co. (Shaw house) was built in the 18 century .The supplies for  this house were believed to have been shipped up from New Orleans along with the tradesmen to actually build and design this structure.

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