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Before the big harvesting and milling operation came to Hatchie bottom there would be small family operations through out  the bottom.  Some of the harvested wood was processed for local use. The other logs would be floated  to holding creeks, loaded  on barges, and sent down the Hatchie  River to be milled and sold in the large lumber yards. Later they would transport it to the rail depots to be transported by train.
Two of the large Lumber Companies that harvested in Hatchie Bottom.
Shannon Lumber was harvesting lumber in 1880 in the Hatchie Bottom later they sold the property to Mr. Powell in the 1900’s.
Shannon lumber company had sawmills to process the lumber then sent it on to their lumber yards.
Ray Powell recently found a sign belonging to Shannon Lumber while he was roaming around the bottom. No telling what else he has found on his family land..
Mr E.S. Miller was ahead of his time making sure the forest would be replanted. From the beginning, his goal was the conservation and preservation of the forests. He accomplished this by only select cutting and replanting trees. Mr. Miller acquired extensive timber holdings, which were managed by in house foresters, tree planters and other tree specialists

Elmer Sidney Miller, founded Miller Lumber Company, Inc. in 1923. Mr. Miller began his career in the lumber industry as a partner with H. J. Gates at Louisville Point Lumber Company. His first trip to Tennessee was to find maple and elm trees for the wooden spokes in General Motors automobiles. Impressed with the fine timber in Tennessee, he opened his own small sawmill in Haywood County in 1919. Then, in 1923, when Gates lumber company went up for sale, Mr. Miller purchased the company, which became Miller Lumber Company, Inc.

** History of Miller lumber

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