Estanaula a town in the south west corner of Haywood county on the N.E. bank of the Hatchie river. In Cherokee/Chickasaw language  Estanaula means “here we cross” .At one  time there was a ferry and a steamboat port located here.  It was an important shipping point to Memphis similar to the Hatchie Station port..

Tragedies occurred here, such as the ferry boat which sank carrying George and Louis, twins only ten years old to their deaths. they were buried in the old Baptist cemetery in twin graves, brick enclosed.
following may or may  not be true
(Some amazing stories float around about the following including a few ghost stories.)
 According to tradition.$30.000 stolen from a Brownsville bank was buried between the twin’s  graves and remained there until the 1920’s.When someone who knew the secret hiding place removed the money, so they say.
It was here that Virgil Stewart met up with the infamous land pirate John Murrell and began the journey that led to his capture. It was here that one of Jesse James gangs came to camp each year when the heat got to hot. It was here that the notorious Fielding Hurst camped as he prayed upon this section of West Tennessee.

Estanaula has a number of spellings which has always confused many an explorer, survivor, traveler and historian.
Four miles from Estanaula was an Indian mound that was at one time an Indian hunting village. It is believed in the 1100 it might have been a permanent village for “prehistoric Indians”* (* means before written history).
University of Memphis is suppose to have a grant to study this area. Would love to read that paper when and if it is completed we all know how “funding” goes.

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  1. Do you know the coordinates for the location of Estanaula? I like traveling the old traces of Tennessee, lots of interesting and sublime, old places to be visited.


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