An interesting story and book 1828

Mr Billy King suggested I read this book now I suggest it. You can get it on Google e books (free) . The book is so full of information about Brownsville, Tn.

The Soldier’s Friend

 Being a Thrilling Narrative of Grandma Smith’s Four Years’ Experience and Observations
By Mrs Susan Smith ( 1800’s)

(Susan was 11 when she wrote these observations )
“My oldest and youngest brothers ,with my sister and myself bade farewell to our home, beloved neighbors and graves of our parents and brother in Wilson Co. Tn. We embarked via a flatboat ,which my brother fitted for the occasion , it being the usual mode of emigration on water in those early days. We quietly navigated down the proud Cumberland into the Ohio,from thence into the father of water, the Mississippi, to the mouth of the Hatchie River. The Hatchie had narrow crooked channel we continued our navigation by means of hooks and poles. The flatboats were made comfortable , in them families could be pleasantly quartered. I took my knitting and repaired to the deck of the boat, where my youngest brother acted as pilot and steersman. We were all elated in anticipation of meeting another fond brother, who had proceeded us to Brownsville, Tn by  one year and purchased our new home. “

(Page 16-17)
In Feb of 1828 a beautiful steamer Rover navigated the Hatchie River for the first time.This opened up the Hatchie to more Steam traffic and more pioneers.

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