Visiting Brownsville in 1897

d n english
The year was 1897 Mother and I were boarding the train in Jackson to go spend Christmas with my sister and her husband in Brownsville. This was the first Christmas without my beloved father. As the train pulled out of the Station I thought about my family.
My mother had met my father after the war in New Orleans.She had attended school with the Nuns to become a teacher. My father was learning more about
Banking. He would be headed back to Tennessee where he would work at his Uncle’s bank. In 1874 they headed back to Tennessee to set up their home with their baby daughter, my sister. Four years later I was born.Mother was not teaching and father was now President of the bank.
We had a good life my sister was able to go to New York to attend nursing school at
Bellevue. Since mother’s brother taught at the Medical School my sister had a place to stay. As luck would have it she fell in love with a Medical student from Memphis.
They came back to Tennessee where he was going in practice with his Uncle in Brownsville,Tn. Before they moved to Brownsville we had a summer of celebrations in Jackson for their wedding. In 1895 they were settled in their new home and I was already in school in Nashville to become a teacher. When I graduated in 1896 I came back to Jackson to teach. I found father was at death’s door. He died that fall . He left the family in good financial shape but my mother decided to join me at the primary school and teach.
Since we had time off for Christmas we headed to Brownsville.We arrived at the station and were greeted by my sister in her beautiful carriage some kind men loaded our luggage. As we headed to sister’s home we saw the Opera house and the many merchants. Sister was so excited telling us all about our social schedule she had planned. We so enjoyed the ride laughing and waving back at all the friendly people.

We arrived at Sister’s, such a beautiful home. It was a Victorian cottage with a beautiful wrap around porch. On the side porch was a door into my John’s medical office.
His uncle had retired and moved back to Memphis to live with his daughter leaving John his house, office and practice.
My sister was John’s nurse they were so happy helping their patients.  Sister parked the carriage and soon a gentleman appeared to unload the carriage . With both my sister and her husband working they had help around the house.
I had not seen the house but my mother had told me about the lay out. They had five bedrooms , 2 washrooms, a large kitchen formal parlor and dinning room.
Brownsville had electric lights, gas, indoor plumbing all the things we had in Jackson this was a pleasant surprise. Then sister told us Brownsville had a much better sewer system than Jackson. The sewer system in Jackson had always upset Mother.
 The housekeeper had prepared a light lunch which we enjoyed as we talked and greeted my brother in law, John. John told sister they had a house call to make after lunch. My sister had to go back to work.
She settled us in our rooms so mother could rest and I could read sister told us we would have dinner early.
(To be continued)

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