A new story started

d n english

Let’s go back in time
1870’s in Hardeman Co. ,Toone Tennessee

It was a beautiful day the handsome young man,Franklin McGlatherly, departed
the train. Today was the start of his new job for Illinois Central Railroad, he was the new Station Master for Toone, Tennessee. He was excited because of his father’s wealth and connections he was was one of the Railroad’s youngest station master.

Franklin had finished his University work in business earlier in the year and his father had transferred a sizable sum of money to his son’s account in Bolivar Tn. His father saw promise in this area of Tennessee so he wanted his son to be able to take advantage of opportunities he would come across. His father also hoped  his single son would find a suitable young lady to marry.

As he exited the train Station he saw her riding on a beautiful stallion. The lady a vision of beauty, her long blond hair shinning in the summer sun as she dismounted her horse. He could hear her laugh  and talking to people in front of the store. Her voice sounded like what he imagined an angel would sound ,heavenly. She was a petite beauty but he could tell she was self assured. He wanted to meet this lady.

Then out of nowhere Franklin found himself being swept away by a large group into the train station. Where it seemed everyone was talking at once. Finally a large gentleman Introduced himself as the Mayor of Toone. The ladies of the town had planned a lunch to welcome the new Station master. Of course they knew he was single so they made sure their daughters and other single ladies of the town were here. Needless to say he was overcome but felt honored. By late afternoon Franklin was finally at his boarding unpacking. Tomorrow he would look for a house, a horse and buggy and arrange for the rest of his belonging to be shipped to him in his new home town.
Before dinner at the boarding house he wandered around town. He noticed the lady’s mount was gone so he decided to walk into the store. He noticed the store proprietor was Mr.TB Mercer. Franklin walked up to the counter that was when he noticed a man struggling with a large box. Without thinking he went over and started helping the gentleman. After they completed the task Mr. TB introduced himself and Franklin did the same. They hit it off right away thanks to Mr. TB Franklin got a lead on a house and all the other things on his list. Soon it was time to close the store and for Franklin to head back to the boarding house. Tomorrow would be a long day because it would be the first day on his new job.

After a pleasant meal and more delightful conversation with yet another single young lady it was time for rest. Five AM was here before he knew it he prepared for his day. By 630 he was at the Train station setting up his new office ,meeting the other workers, and making sure he memorized the timetable. The day was busy and a blur but then he remembered he had forgotten to ask Mr. Mercer about his dream lady. He looked at the Station clock 3pm then there was a knock on his  office door.Franklin looked up to see a smiling Mr. Mercer standing there.

Mr. Mercer handed over a basket full of treats that his wife had made for Franklin.
This time they shared the treats as TB explained his wife and son TE were taking care of the store. They sat and talked for an hour in two short days Franklin felt he had made a good friend and mentor.
TB explained he had 3 sons TE,Joseph and Ernest and 2 daughters Martha Elizabeth and baby girl Mary. He went on to explain his oldest daughter was home for a few weeks before going back to Memphis to finish her education . He  expressed his pride in his daughter, she was going to be a teacher but she had head for business and was stubborn like her mother. They shared more stories then it was time to close the station for the day. Franklin walked TB back to the store where he met Mr. TB son TE they talked some more and went there separate ways.

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