Franklin arrived back at the station the next morning. While waiting for his train to his Mississippi home to his family he saw TB and his wife approaching. They greeted him with a handshake, a hug and basket full of treats for his trip. Soon there were several of his friends on the platform to wish him a safe trip. Jeffery assured him all would run just as smooth as he were there.
The freight man loaded the box of gifts he was taking to his family since he would not be there Christmas. He boarded the train for his long trip home, he waved goodbye to his friends. It was odd he felt sad leaving his new home. It wasn’t that he did not want to see his family in Mississippi .He just knew he had family in Tennessee now and he would miss them.
When he finally got to his family’s home he was smothered with his mother’s hug.
There was a feast prepared besides his immediate family there were more family and friends. Thanksgiving was wonderful his friends and family had arranged many social engagements. When Tuesday came around he was really looking forward to going home. His family accompanied him to the train station. Cook had packed Mrs. Mercer’s basket with food for his trip home. In the basket was also a letter for Mrs. Mercer as well as small gift to show his mother’s appreciation to the lady for her kindness to her son.

It was a pleasant trip home Franklin met many interesting people. When he arrived in Toone he had his luggage and of course his mother had sent a box of gifts for Christmas. He had the porter store everything in his office. Since there were several hours left to work he caught up with everything that had gone on while he was gone.
He had to admit Jeffery had done a fine job. When it came time for Franklin to move up in the Company he would not hesitate to recommend Jeffery. They closed the office and told each other they would see each other in the morning.
Franklin went down to the Mercer’s Store to drop off the letter, gift and basket when he got there he saw his horse,Dolly, and his wagon parked in front. He smiled ,yea he was home.
After a brief visit Franklin went back to the station to pick up his belongings and head home. As he went down the road he could see his house and barn he was proud and happy he was home. He dropped his luggage and box on the porch  changed into his farm clothes then headed to the barn to put the wagon away and settle Dolly in for the night.
As he was about to leave the barn he heard someone approaching
He walked outside the barn and there she was his dream girl on her Black stallion.
She dismounted and walked toward him. Long blond hair, a petite beauty he was speechless.
“Excuse me but is Mr.McGlatherly back.” She asked
I guess I was staring she snapped her fingers “hello has a cat got your tongue?”
“No ,No, I mean I am Franklin McGlatherly and you?”
All of a sudden she started laughing an angel laugh I was dreaming I had to be.
“Oh I am so sorry from what  all the girls have said I would never imagine Mr. McGlatherly in a barn working with his horse.” She said
“Excuse me ,well I assure you I do the work around here. Who are you and why are you here?” I asked. She may be beautiful but she just crossed a line.
“Oh my goodness I am so sorry but from all I have heard since I got back to town is  you are just the finest thing walking on two legs. You have really got the ladies worked up. To answer the question who am I , Maggie Mercer . Why? my father asked me to stop by and check on the chickens but I was running late. Are we friends now?”

With that exchanged we both started laughing and talked a bit then she had to get home or she said “her mother would have her hide”.
Franklin had no idea how he got in the house but he remembered waving goodby to her  he was in a daze.
To say he had pleasant dreams was an understatement he could not wait to get to work the next day. Maggie had told him she would be at her father’s store the next day maybe they could talk more. Imagine his dream girl being Martha Elizabeth Mercer daughter of his dear friend TB Mercer. Maggie


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