Train wreck in Toone Tn.

*i was exploring Hardeman Co. Papers for my story on McGlatherly and found this article
**** The Bolivar Bulletin Friday, April 25, 1902 
 One of the most shocking and horrible accidents in the history of Hardeman County occurred at Toone Sunday morning about 11 o'clock. Adolphus Ervin and wife, George Murley and wife and Miss Sarah Ervin attempted to cross the railroad a few yards south of the station in a two horse wagon. When about half way across the track the engine struck the wagon, instantly killing Mr. Ervin and wife, Mr. Murley and wife and seriously injuring Miss Ervin. The news soon spread over the little city and quickly a large crowd gathered on the scene. The bodies of the dead were placed in the depot and were viewed by numbers of people, many of whom had come in from the surrounding neighborhood. In the evening, the dead were conveyed to Walnut Grove Cemetery and buried. The young lady was taked to the residence of Mr. E.R. Jones, near the scene of the accident, where she is at present. It is probable that she will recover. Her injuries are a fracture of the left arm, right eye bruised, abrasions on face and right hand, bruised on lower left limb. Adolphus Ervin was about 50 years of age, a son of the late Dr. Jas. Ervin and was an industrious farmer of the 13th district. His wife was Miss Lizzie Murley. Several children survive. Geo. Murley was a young man, also a farmer and had been married to Miss Ervin about a year. Miss Sarah Ervin who was injured is about 14 years of age. The sad affair has cast a gloom over the community where it happened and is deeply regretted by everybody. VERDICT OF JURY OF INQUEST State of Tennessee Hardeman County An inquisition holden on the 20th day of April 1902, at the depot in teh town of Toone, County and State aforesaid, on the bodies of Adolphus Ervin and his wife Lizzie Ervin, George Murley and wife Rebecca Murley, then and there lying dead, the jurors, whose names are hereto subscribed, on their oath do say that they find: 1st. The names of the deceased were Adolphus Ervin and wife, Lizzie Ervin, George Murley and wife, Rebecca Murley. 2nd. That they came to their deaths on the 20th of April, 1902, by being struck by a passenger train on the Illinois Central Railroad, while crossing said railroad in a wagon. Said train was drawn by Engine No. 631, in charge of Tug Markett, engineer, and D. D. Elliotte, conductor, and that said engine at that timw was within th ecorporated limits of Toone Station and crossing the public highway. 3rd. That from the evidence in the case, we think said train was running at about the rate of thirty miles oer hour; that the said engineer gave the proper signals for said crossing and used all means in his power to avert said accident, and in our judgement, we think the only blame for responsibility that could attach to anyone one would be such responsibility as may attach to the person in charge of said train for running same at an illegal rate of speed thru an incorporated town. (signed) T.W. Crews, W.T. Smith, S.B. Redfearn, W.C.

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