d n english

Part IV
McGlatherly and Mercer

Franklin woke up early to get ready for the day with a smile on his face. Today was the day, he had met his dream girl Maggie last night.  Today he could lay out his plan to court her, with her father’s permission.
He put on one of his new suits his mother had made for him he had to admit he was rather handsome. He laughed at himself . He had already fed his chicken, gathered eggs, fed and saddled Dolly. Before he left the house he left the gift out his mother had sent Lula. Today he would stop at the restaurant down from the train station to eat breakfast. He settled Dolly down in the stable by the train station and walked to the restaurant.
After enjoying his breakfast he went back to the station. He had a stack of telegraphs
to transmit. He was lucky enough to have learned telegraphy early in his career. He had been teaching Jeffery the skill before he left for Mississippi. Looking through the file he could see Jeffery had done a good job. Franklin sent out what he had and typed out the ones that had come in overnight. The porter would be in at 10 and would start delivering the telegraphs.

Soon he heard the first train come into the station. He went out to the lobby to greet the passengers  and start his day’s duties. At noon he and Jeffery closed the station for lunch .Jeffery went to the park to eat the  lunch his mother packed since it was warm for a November day. Franklin headed straight to the Mercer’s store. Would she be there?
As he entered the store he saw the smile on TB’s face followed by a strong laugh.
“ Son, I can tell you met my Maggie. I can also tell you are a goner. If you are here to ask to court her you will have to ask her yourself. That girl is like her mother strong minded and stubborn . Got to love my Maggie.”
I know my face was flushed all I could do was smile.
“Well since we got that out of the way. I said “Is she here?”
“No” he said “but if you head to the park you might run into her.”
He handed me a bag “here is you a lunch, you look hungry. Now go you are wasting time.” He said as that smile appeared again.
I was nervous as I approached the park there she was sitting on a bench reading and enjoying her lunch.
“Care for some company?” I asked
She looked up and smiled. Boy her father was right I was a goner.
My life changed that day and I knew it. As soon as I got home I sat down and wrote my Mother. I knew as soon as she received the letter she would be arranging a spring visit.
The next few days were busy so I did not have a chance to see Maggie. I learned from Jeffery that Maggie taught school on Thursday and Friday. As I was about to leave the Station at noon on Saturday I remembered I needed to pick up the supplies Lula had ordered from Mercer’s store.
As I walked in there she stood a vision.
Mrs Mercer met me at the counter .
“Are you here to pick up your supplies or is this a social call?” She was attempting to hide her smile.
“Both .” I smiled back
“Well my son  TE has already taken your supplies to your house on the other subject you are on your own. But since you are here will you attend Church with family tomorrow and come to house for Sunday dinner?”She said
I thanked her as I gladly accepted her invitation
I approached the counter to clear my monthly account . I waited until Maggie finish her conversation and the customer had left.
“Hello Miss Mercer ” I said
She smiled “Hello yourself if you are not busy this afternoon want to go exploring?”
I was stunned “ No , I am not busy and yes, I would love to go exploring.” I said
“Ok I will come by your house in an about an hour.” She said
With that she turned and left the counter replaced by her mother and father.
“See dear, I told you he was a goner. ” TB said to his wife
“We could not be happier Son. Now get out of here you have an engagement. Oh, by the way there is a social tonight we will see you there. Since I know my daughter would love to attend.”
With that he handed me a sheet of paper with the details and waved me out the door.

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