End of story and facts

Hello I am back after a sick spell and a computer crash. I want to get my romance of Franklin and Maggie  Mc Glathery to their marriage.

This story is a work of fiction it is how I imagine the love story between my characters was. It is based on their story but like I said I let imagination go wild and it was fun..

d n English


Franklin and Maggie were overcome with kindness from their family and neighbors as their wedding date approached. The plans for the land at Mercer proceeded the railroad was being completed and the store was in operation with TE Mercer running the store in partnership with his father TB.
On May 1st Franklin and Maggie were united in marriage the wedding and reception were beautiful and a good time was had by all.
Soon Maggie and Franklin made plans to move from Toone to an apartment on the second floor of the store. In the meantime he had purchased the inventory from his father in law and became a full partner in the store in Mercer. As soon as the railroad was finished Franklin became the station master and he and Maggie built their house in 1888. The time came when he retired from the railroad to run his business and his growing family. In the background he was living and loving his Maggie together they had 6 children.
The facts:
Frank M. McGlathery

Frank M. McC-lathery, of the firm of Mercer & McGlathery of Toone, is a native of

Alcorn County, Miss., born June13, 1847, a son of Samuel E. and Nancy S. (Surratt)

McGlathery. The parents were married in northern Alabama in 1839, and moved the

same year to what is now Alcorn County, Miss., where they have since lived. The

father is of Scotch descent, a native of Lincoln County, Tenn., born February 10,

1818. He was engaged in farming until the year 1880 when for four years he sold

goods in Corinth, Miss., but since then has lived a retired life. He is a Democrat

and a prominent member of the Methodist Episcopal Church South. The mother was born

in Alabama June 10, 1821, and is of French ancestry. She is a member of the same

church as her husband. Frank M. enjoyed fine educational advantages, receiving a

good academical education, after which he clerked in his uncle’s store at

Boonsville, Miss., one year. In 1869 he entered the firm of .A. J. Borroum & Co.,

druggists at Corinth, Miss. In 1870 he secured a position as assistant depot agent

at Bolivar, Tenn., and at once began the study of telegraphy and soon became an

expert in that branch of railroad work. November, 1872, Mr. McGlathery was

appointed operator and agent at Voiden, Miss., and in May, 1873, was transferred to

Toone, Tenn., where he was connected with the railroad business for eleven years.

He then resigned and has since given his attention exclusively to mercantile

interests, and now owns one half interest in a stock of goods valued at $15,000 or

$20,000. May 1, 1872, Mr. McGlathery married Miss Mattie E. Mercer, who was born

May 14, 1850. Mr. and Mrs. McGlathery are the parents of six children — three sons

and three daughters — two sons deceased. Mr. McGlathery is a Democrat and he and

wife are influential members of the Methodist Episcopal Church South

Franklin Marco McGlathery

(Note when Maggie died Franklin sold his properties and moved away and started a second  family )

Martha Elizabeth Mercer McGlathery
Nancy Katherine McGlathery Irion
Franklin Marco McGlathery

Mattie Lou McGlathery
Lillie May McGlathery
Thomas Earl McGlathery
Grace Teresa McGlathery Ernwine

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