Recently Mr. Billy King and Mr Harbert Alexander visited the Garrett Cemetery at Hatchie Station.

Mr Billy ,Mt Harbert and I have had a long running discussion going on with a lady who does not believe there were people settled  in Madison Co.before 1823. No matter what proof or research we have she will not believe. We all know someone like this individual,( enough said.)


The cemetery located behind a bluff along the Hatchie River was established in 1814. This was documented in pictures and many a family Bible.


Let’s take a trip back in time


The  Garrett family packed their worldly possessions and  were in the second wave of settlers headed down the Hatchie River. Some of the men had made trips this way before looking for land to settle. Their goal was an area of land along the Hatchie behind some bluffs. On their trip the had met some earlier settlers that had made it down and had built their cabins. One family had set up a trading post and called it Hatchie Station. They  traded with the Chickasaw, French traders and the few families that were in area. River traffic was picking up so were the number of families choosing to stop and stay.


Mary was sitting on the boat leaning against a crate on the boat. At night she went to sleep hearing the strange noises of the wilderness they were traveling through. She was with her new family just getting married to Jacob before they made their journey. The whole situation was a lot to take in but her trust in her new husband and God made it easy.

As they turned the bend she saw the dock and her friend waving from the bank. Jacob was aiming toward the bank to dock.

The first night they camped  with the other family. the next day the men headed out to see the land. After a month or so they had their cabins built and were setting up the household.

It wasn’t to long that she learned she was with child. The day the baby was born things went so bad Mary died. Jacob went out on the hill and dug a grave to bury his beloved wife. Thus starting the Garrett Cemetery.

Jacob went back to the cabin to start his life in a new area alone.


To be continued





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