BICENTENNIAL 1821-2021 Madison Co.

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Bicentennial of Madison Co. 1821-2021

Looking back to the beginning of the formation of Madison County so many bits of history come to mind.

Let’s step back in time and imagine what the area was like in the 16th century and earlier. The largest Indian tribes the Chickasaw and Choctaw used this area as both hunting grounds and for ceremonial events. There were villages and mounds built in different areas for example in Denmark* the village for the hunting season in  the Pinson area there were ceremonial mounds holy ground.

In the late 16th and early 17th century pioneers came down the Hatchie* and Forked Deer* River from the Mississippi River.Landing at Hatchie Landing and at what was known as Port Jackson. Then they traveled by foot or wagon via  Indian trails  to claim land and build their homesteads. Yes, they were squatters but most got to keep their land but that is another story. The abundance of timber allowed them to harvest the timber for their homes and with the rich clay they made bricks.

It has been recorded that in the 1820’s there was a boat building business at the area below where Riverside Cemetery is located. (A fact we need to remember is the Forked Deer River was wider than it is now) At the boatyard they built Keel bottom boats to be used on one part of the River and flat bottom boats.  The boats were used to transport people as well as product such as timber and cotton later.The timber that was logged was also used for the homes, businesses  later became the rail ties for the railroad and staves for barrels.

From here we can follow the formation and naming of the county and city.  You have to admit it is always good to go back in time and imagine what was here and what our forefathers and mothers experienced.

  • Hatchie River named by Chickasaw Hatchie means River
  • Forked Deer named by French traders because of the many forks in the River. 

 This is my favorite Denmark. I was told was named by the Chickasaw because the Den marked the spot of the bear and a devision of the hunting ground. Whether it is true or not it is a good story.

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