Mr Billy King request

The head line in the Jackson Sun, Sunday Nov. 28 1949…”Rev.. Obediah Dodson Advises Parents on the Training of Children. This was homecoming of the Brown’s Chapel. Brother Dodson, Jackson’s early author, this is believed to be the first book published in Jackson/Madison County. Brown’s Chapel was one of the over 30 Baptist Church’s Bro. Obediah either helped organize or West Tennessee. The book was published by Gates and Parker. We are trying to find a copy of this book….would you look in your Churches Library and see if there might be a copy. We think it was published in about 1844.

story mr billy told

Rev Obadiah Dodson boarded a steamboat at Hatchie Station there was drinking and gambling taking place on the boat. The Rev started preaching before the boat docked he had the majority of the passengers lined up to be baptized. Rev Dodson was a true Baptist missionary for the territory in West Tenn..

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