In 1900 Mr. Frankly B Neely purchase the land across from the depot to build his family a “city house”.(The family farm was located off the Harts Bridge Rd.before you get to Perry Switch Rd and the railroad tracks.) Mr.Neely built a wooden structure home for his family and a few boarders.

In 1909 he tore down his home replacing it with a Hotel.

The new brick structure was 3 stories because of the property line the house was wide in the front shaped like a “T”. You would walk in the front door off the beautiful porch off the entrance hall to the left were two bedroom with a shared bath.

Pass the bedroom was a small lobby continuing down the hall there was a long mirror over a sink used as a shaving station and a place to wash your hands before entering the dining room.

On the left were double door leading into the dining room.

As you continued down on the right there were 5 sleeping rooms and a bath on the left was the kitchen and family quarters. On the second floor there were 4 bedrooms 2 on each side with shared baths.The bath on the south side had a entrance from the hall. (I was told the second floor only housed men.) there was also a men’s parlor. The third floor had sleeping rooms and bath. There were a total of 22 rooms and 6 baths. The basement was used as storage and reportedly a family member’s bedroom.

Mr. Neely would go over to the depot pass out coffee and solicit business many a weary traveler would stay at the Neely Hotel. 

Mr. Billy King told because of his grandmother’s friendship with Mrs. Neely they would go down to the Neely Hotel for lunch.There were big tables where every one sat and share a meal family style. Most of the food severed came off the family farm.

To be continued.   Dn english

Part 2 Murphy Hotel

In 1946 Mr.Neely sold the hotel to Mr Robert Murphy at that time the Murphy family  updated the hotel and renamed it the Murphy Hotel.  Gradually Mr Murphy saw the mode of transportation change and the class of his guest change. In 1960 Mr. Murphy died leaving the hotel to his daughters.The sisters  attempted to keep the hotel up to date and open but because of the cost and their age they finally gave up in the 90’s and  sold the property to the city.

FYI  In 1993 the Murphy Hotel was put on the National Register of Historic Register.

There was an attempt in 2002 to rehab the building into the Children Museum . The cost was to much since the building had taken a direct hit from a tornado and the third floor was damaged and had to be taken down.

The next chapter occurred when Hal Crocker purchased the property. He began brining the building back to life. Now it houses several office and businesses. Unfortunately the restaurants that have have been located-there have not been successful.

There is still hope the right restaurant will find a home in this beautiful historic building.

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