part one

d n english

Historic stories about the Communities of Madison Countyd n english
Some of this information was taken from Emma I. Williams book“HISTORIC MADISON” researched 1944 printed 1946 . The book was based on research at the time and on her interpretation of the research. Grateful for her book because it allowed a lot of us who enjoyed reading the book to question and do more research. Since 1946 new information has been made available so more in-depth research has been done. This allowed for more stories and facts about Jackson and Madison Co. Tennessee to be uncovered.

Let’s start with Cotton Grove goes back to 1819. In 1821 had reportedly the first cotton crop in the county. At Jones Creek there was a mill that milled grain for many farmers. There was stage coach stop and an Inn on the Phillip’s land.Spring Creek was founded around the Haughton grist and flour mill. There was hotel on the north side of the stage coach road was a Inn and a barn to change out the coaches and horses. Spring Creek was incorporated in 1854.In 1872 Spring Creek had 6 stores,2 schools and a 3 story building that housed the Madison College and the Springdale Institute founded by Major Jesse Taylor in 1870.

Denmark (incorporated 1830) bu the beginingings can be trace it’s beginning to the early “Squatters” or pioneers of the late 18th and early 19th century. Yes, that is before the Chickasaw treaty.Denmark also has Indian mounds located and protected by the landowner. Many a pioneer came to this area by traveling down the Hatchie River to Estanaula landing or Hatchie Station.( Hatchie is the Chickasaw word for River where Estanaula means where we cross)(Some of the best information on Denmark,Mercer and Estanaula can be found in the papers of Fonville Neville. Also in the writings and research of Billy King in association with the Big Black Historical Association .)

Mercer was started when T.E. Mercer and his son T.E. Mercer decided that this area would be perfect for a store. (1888)The Mercer’s joined with the McGlatherly’s to run the store. In 1894 a railroad station was constructed the railroad representative asked to name village Mercer. ( becaused he said McGlatherly would not fit on the ticket )McGlatherly was the first the railroad agent.

Medon was first called “Frozen Tree” because there was a hunter who was seeking shelter in a hollow tree and froze to death in 1825 . Then in 1834. it was changed to Clover Creek. Then as the story goes an Irishman came home from work and shouted “ME DONE “. The name stuck (from a paper written by Lena Lacy Murdock titled “Early Days of Medon,Tennessee” Side note— many a serviceman that served in WW2 when they told a fellow serviceman they were from Jackson,Tn they were asked 2 questions. Are the girls at Miss Ollie’s really that pretty? The other question. Is the the moonshine from Medon really as good as they say? Medon was known as the moonshine capital of West Tennessee. Moonshine from Medon was shipped all over the place.
To be continued

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