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Let’ get the history out of the way then I will post the story this afternoon.

Dr. Walter Fenner Rochelle was born Feb 6,1858 died Jan 10,1931 at the age of 72. He attended medical school in Nashville at Vanderbilt  graduated in 1882. He came back to practice in Jackson.

He opened Rochelle Sanitarium in 1900.The Sanitarium was located on East Main were the Ned’s parking lot is now. The Sanitarium was closed in 1904. The building was used as a public high school and then the Walden Hotel and offices.

Dr. Rochelle was appointed a state “Health Officers”in 1904.

When Dr. Rochelle came to Madison Co. to practice medicine he soon gandered respect not only because of his occupation but his appearance. Dr. Rochelle was a large man over 6ft tall and was said to have weighted over 200 lbs. “When he rode on his large steed down and around Madison Co everyone he met respected him. He was a handsome man with his red hair and  red beard.He would go around the county checking on the citizens of the community. No one would  challenge Dr. Rochelle.” a quote from a female admirer’s diary.

He practiced medicine for many years delivering hundreds of babies, tending wounds from farming accidents to gun shot wounds. His story is of a good man who cared and wanted to make Madison Co.  a better a place. It was said Dr. Rochelle never saw color if you needed health care he was there whether in the Doctors office or in your home.

Now something I forgot to include in the previous story about Ida’s mother. The name we will assign her is Isabella (chosen by Ida). “Isabelle was a  chestnut haired beauty about 5 ft 2in tall. She had a smile that would bring sunshine into a room. Her hands were so soft and her touch so gentle. Unless she had a switch in her hand which not very often.” Ida told me and then laughed

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