Let me tell you about Mr. Zack

d n english

Mr. H.W. White was down overseeing the loading of cotton on a boat headed to Memphis in 1861.Mr. White was a rich cotton merchant in Jackson Tennessee. Out of no where this gentleman of color approached him and introduced himself.He told Mr White his name was Zack and handed him his papers. The papers stated that Zack was a free man of color and of good character.“ I do not want charity I want a job.” Zack saidMr. White shook his hand and that started a life long friendship.That very day Zack loaded more cotton than any 2 men you see Zack was over 6ft tall and weighed over 200lbs all muscle at the age of 15.c

Mr. White took Zack down to his office got him some food and set him up in a sleeping room. Mr. White soon discovered Zack could repair or build anything. Another plus Zack could read and knew his numbers so he was a big help for Mr. White. Zack was also given a horse so he could travel from the farm to town.

One day Mr White had gone on a buying trip in the County.When he had not gotten home in a timely matter his wife sent for Zack. Zack arrived at Mr. White’s home was told about Mrs. White’s concern. Even though it was dark there was a full moon Zack took off toward the farm he knew Mr. White had gone to visit. In his heart he knew his friend was in trouble.He had gotten almost to the farm when he saw Mr.White’s buggy turned over pinning Mr.White. Zack got the buggy off Mr.White taking him up the bank. The he went back up righted the buggy and pulled it up the bank. He gently lifted Mr White who was hurt and bleeding. Zack stopped the bleeding wrapped Mr White in the blanket hooked up his horse to the buggy and got Mr. White to his wife.

Then he went to fetch the Doctor.It was touch and go but Mr White pulled through. Word got out all over Jackson the gentle giant named Zack became a hero. Now around town he was Mr. Zack giving him the respect he deserved. Mr. Zack not only worked for Mr. White he was the handy man to go to because if Zack repaired or build anything it was done right. Through the years there was not a building on North Liberty he had not worked in to repair other tradesman’s errors.

When Mr White rented his building out to a Music Store Zack still had his room. Mr. Zack had expanded his space and installed running water ( via a pump) and a “convenience” room.Because he helped all over town he would go to any eatery when he was not helping Mrs White around the family home and receive a meal. Then on Sunday he would attend church always being invited to eat with one of the Church families.
He would clean the building his room was in every night.Each morning the store manager would bring Mr. Zack breakfast then he would play Zack’s favorite hymns . On that morning in 1910 Zack did not come up stairs. When the gentleman went downstairs he found Zack had died in his sleep. The neighbors had all predicted Zack would pass soon because his best friend ,Mr. White, had passed a month earlier. Zack had been different broken hearted many said.

On the day of the funeral the church was packed to say goodbye to the gentle giant. When they got to the White family plot the neighbors from all over Jackson were there. Zack’s grave was next to Mr. White they were together again.

Then people on N. Liberty and at Zack’s Church noticed when a tradesman would do a sloppy job. The next morning what ever they had worked on was completely undone. This happened every night until they did the job correctly.This is a story that passed down through the years.

Well in the 90’s when someone I know was installing some doors in a building he bought on N. Liberty.He had hired I would call a shady carpenter ,you know the type.Well my friend went in at the end of the day to inspect the work. He , his carpenter and one of the helpers were inspecting the work. My friend called me laughing. “ first I want to admit it was a sloppy job but all of a sudden the nails and the screws shot out of the door and the door fell to the floor. The helper hit the door first then the carpenter started shaking.”He then told me this was not the first weird thing that had happened since he had been working here in the building.He picked up his tools told me no charge and he would never enter this building again.

My friend went on and hired another crew that knew what they were doing and their work was excellent.“So I guess our resident ghost Mr. Zack approved.” He said

His was not the only story I have heard about the construction on Liberty. So to all the owners and renters of buildings on N.Liberty you have a friendly ghost named Zack watching over you. Just do not mess up his buildings with sloppy work. He is watching and will let you know.

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