YMCA JACKSON TN 1856-1960’s


401-407 East Lafayette 

1856- 1960’s

YMCA ( Young Men’s Christian Association) founded in London, England by George Williams June 6,1844.

In 1856 the YMCA was built in Jackson, Tn it was  one of the first five built in the United States. After the Civil War there were only 59 

YMCA’s left standing. Soon a rapid rebuilding began of the Y’s  and  many others were constructed across the country.

The Jackson YMCA served so many purposes. There were rooms for rent for men only, they shared a common bath down from there rooms.

Many men from all over West Tennessee stayed at the Y until they could earn enough money to move out on their own. While there they would attend Bible study, improvement classes and be encouraged to join local churches where they could meet the “right kind of young ladies”. Of course no drinking or smoking while in the building.

In the basement there was a swimming pool where many young people learned how to swim. 

Can you imagine all the conversations that were held in the meeting rooms and on the front steps over the years.

In the 60’s the board of directors decided to move the YMCA and build a more modern facility on Campbell.

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