now before you fuss in this article i am talking about BBQ places from the 40 ‘s -70’s

History of BBQ

d n English

“Barbeque — real barbeque — is the gift of two civilizations. It was the Indians’ way of cooking meats slowly so as to make tough game meats tender. Then the pig was introduce by the Spanish into the Western Hemisphere and it became a favorite to cook in a pit low and slow.The Indians would build a hot fire the add a structure about 2 feet above the fire and create a shelf to place the game and fish on top. The fire would be kept hot so the heat and smoke could cook the meat . This would usually be done at night slowly.

When more slaves were brought from the Caribbean they introduced the deep pit for cooking around the 18th century. By this time pigs were all over the country and became the favorite to be cooked by this method. Cooking with wood apple, hickory, mesquite or oak. Yes, some people used charcoal whatever it is all about cooking slow controlling the heat.Now all over the country there are ground pits, cinder block pits, covered smokers and now “ the egg”.

On the other hand some people think grilling is “BBQING”.No no no..grilling is cooking over charcoals or on a gas grill hot and fast.

In the south from the 17th century cooking in a pit was the way to entertain. In the the south at church socials , neighborhood “cookins” fairs, and political gathering more than likely there would be BBQ and cornbread. As early as 1830 one gentleman (who in 2001 was 95 years old)told me his grandfather would tell stories of the “cookins”. His grandfather told him “On the menu would be game, chickens, pigs, goats but never cows they were for milking”

Another example of a early cookins was when Andrew Jackson came to Jackson in 1840. They had pigs cooked and plenty of”hoe cakes”. The ladies had plenty of extras to eat and I bet you there was moonshine.

Soon people discovered they could cook BBQ sell it and make a good living.

Fast forward to the BBQ places some of us remember for example Mr. Sanderlin’s in Bemis, Sadie Lou’s on the way to the Moonshiner’s in Medon, City Pig,Dixie Cream in front of Brooks Steak House, Chat and Chew, Case’s, The Hut, Ben’s, and OD,s. I know there were more. I remember one over by Lane that had amazing ribs and of course Slick’s on Parkway. Can you think of some more BBQ places in Madison the 40’s- 70’s?

Mr. Joel Jackson got me two BBQ sauce recipes and Mr. Lacy gave me the 4H sauce but I misplaced it. I could never get Mr Sandlin’s secret recipe.. Anybody out there have a copy of it or a copy of Mr Lacy’s?
The following is from

The Hut pit masterCut down version from a Gallon recipe

8 oz Apple Cider Vinegar

4 T salt

2 T black pepper

2T red pepper

1 t garlic salt ( I used garlic powder)

2 T sugar

8 oz catsup

Simmer 30 min.

Dixie Cream ( also cut down from a gallon)

4 oz Apple Cider Vinegar

8 oz brewed coffee

1/8 t. Red pepper

8 oz Worcestershire sauce

2 T sugar

Simmer 10 min

Add 8 oz catsup

Simmer 20 min more

Of course there are dozens of rubs out there and bottles of BBQ Sauces from all over the country.
What is your favorite pre-made sauce or rub?

I know what I am going to cook this weekend ( pork tenderloin) but it will be cooked in the oven.

No pit here and besides it is just me and the cats.

My cats don’t like BBQ unless it is chicken.

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