THE VIOLIN —-216 E Main


d n english

I got a e mail from a gentleman that had purchased a German made  Violin at an estate sale. When he was having it appraised the Appraiser noted a label inside the body of the  Violin.

“Made for D. A. Lyeria Pianos Organs and Sewing Machines

216 E. Main St. Jackson, Tn. 1882”

So he contacted the Jackson Symphony’s office who gave him my e mail address since they had no clue about the store in question.

Mr. D.A. Lyeria owned Lyeria’s Pianos Organs and Sewing Machines, located at 216 E Main in Jackson in 1881. The Lyeria family lived at 295 W. Deadrick not far from his store. I was told both Mr. and Mrs. Lyeria were accomplished musicians.

Mr. Lyeria took a partner , J.M. Clark, in the 1890’s. Then in the late 90’s he sold the store to Mr. Clark  who ran it until 1907.

During the 1880’s to the early 1900’s there were six music stores in Downtown Jackson that sold both musical instruments and sheet music. Each store would offer lessons or recommend a teacher with a purchase.

Here is a price list  from 1890-1900 for some of those instruments..for example that German made Violin was priced at 100.00, other violins or fiddles could be purchased from $2.00 to $125.00, a new upright piano $200.00 to $800.00, a Steinway (used) $100.00 -200.00. , a guitar new $5.00 -50.00, used $1.50  to 20.00, flutes $3.00-35.00, a stand up harp used$75.00 new $150.00,Accordions .60-5.50. Sheet music .02 a song.

 Let’s finish the story of  the Violin the gentleman had found   the original bill of sale in the violin case along with the original bow but time had done a number on the bill of sale. The ink was faded they could make out it was sold to someone on E. Main for $150.00 in 1883 . The Appraiser told him that because of the amazing  craftsmanship the Violin could be worth between $15,000.00 to $20,000.00 . He paid $500.00 at the estate sale he was very pleased.


Now back to 216 East Main in 1912 was Southern Drug Store . In 1920’s it was Sowell Plumbing and Electrical replaced in the 30’s by Haynes and Weaver hardware, paint and wallpaper store. Then Wilson Geyer home improvement store.’s Mr. Allen James moved James Shoe Hospital  from the Melba Hotel on West Main to E Main. When Mr James retired Mr. Johnny Lane a longtime employee of Mr. Williams was the next owner.

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