City of Jackson Police 1947 Plus Photos and Information

I love this photo .Detectives on top row also look at the guns the officers have . In the beginning the Jackson Police Department’s force consisted of one Town Marshal, an elected position. As the City of Jackson grew in size, a Night Watchman was added. As the years went on more officers were added. The Town Marshal was an elected position up until 1971. According to records the Town Marshal held this position for two years before another election was held. In 1971 the department’s head changed from Town Marshal to Chief of Police. The position of Chief is now an appointed position.
1941-1948Joe M. Knox, City Marshal Mayor in 1947 George Smiththe building the old City Hall police dept in basementthat building is next to the Ned

Another picture of the past in Jackson Tn 1960’s


Airways and Riverside torn down after tornado

all that is left is the office


Some history on Mrs Sullivan’s pecan pies We’ve come a long way from our humble beginnings, 75 years ago on Forest Ave, way back when Mrs. Earl Sullivan first began making pecan pies for her family. And although we may have moved to bigger premises (still in Jackson, TN) and are now stocked in more than 10,000 stores across America, we’ve kept that great southern pie recipe that made Mrs. Sullivan’s famous! The Great Depression was in full swing in the early 1930’s and war was just around the corner. During this hectic period, Mrs. Earl Sullivan could be found cooking old-fashioned pecan pies for her family in their small kitchen on Forest Avenue in Jackson, Tennessee. The smell that arose from the windowsill where the pies were cooking was a sure attraction for the kids of the neighborhood. Mrs. Sullivan ( would share her pies with these kids, who in turn took them home for parents to sample. One parent was so impressed with the flavor of the pecan pie he had sampled that he approached Mrs. Sullivan about selling her delicious pies on his snack route. Mrs. Sullivan made a decision that would have an impact on her family for generations to come. Using a small gas oven, she was able to bake 38 small pies at a time using the family’s special recipe. Two years later the family enclosed the back porch and installed a four-deck commercial oven that was capable of baking 250 pies at a time. Later they expanded to three, then six of these ovens. In 1960 Mrs. Sullivan’s built the Preston Street plant where business is still conducted today. Mrs. Sullivan’s Pies- we’ve been baking the perfect pie for over 70 years. “Love pie? I Love Pie too! I love Southern Pie! I love Coconut Pies! I even love tart shells” says Big Jim Lawrence – Southern rocker, Southern Pie expert and owner of Mrs Sullivan’s pies

picture from 1939

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