Union Station

–  Significance: The Union Station, built in the 1870s, is a typical example of the small town railroad station which is rapidly disappearing from the American scene. It literally emphasized the union of the two railroads by being located between the two merging lines. Its dual waiting rooms served their respective railroads.

gm&o & ic’s union station jackson tn 1958 

gm&o’s & illinois central’s union station jackson tn june 1958 before the station would soon close after gm&o last st louis to mobile passneger train , the gulf coast rebel would make it’s final run oct 14 1958, & the ic’s passnger train’s the city of miami & the seminole would start using their old freight house on sycamore st as a passsenger station later towards the end of 1958, sation was torn down in nov. 1975 after a small fire

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