The Ghosts of 117-119 East Lafayette

Ghost of 117-119 Lafayette

d n english 

The year was 1887 Ruby was reporting to her first job at Jackson Telephone and Telegraph located at 117 East Lafayette.

As she walked up the stairs she thought how proud her parents would be today. Since she had completed her course work two years ago but could not start work because she had to take care of her sick parents.   She lost both her parents first her father a year ago then three months ago  her mother passed away. After they passed she moved to an apartment in the home of a lady on East Main her rent was 2.00 per week and .50 a week for a sack lunch for 5 days.. She was happy with the fact her commute to work a short walk or a trolly ride.

 This was  her first day of work she felt excited but also melancholy thinking about her parents. 

She took a deep breath as she walked up the stairs. She passed down the hall and heard laughter and conversation coming out of the cotton office at the front of the building. She stopped adjusting  her bonnet before opening the door to her new office.

As she opened the door two men stood up to greet her and allow her to sit in the chair in front of what  would be her desk. On one side of the office was the Telegraph pad and behind her desk was the switchboard. 

Ruby had already been through a refresher course on being a telegraph  operator and how to use the switchboard. The fact was she was also be the bookkeeper for the office her plate was full. The salary was $7.50 a week which was very good for a 24  year old  lady.

Her work hours were 7am to 6 pm Monday through Friday and 7am til 12 pm on Sat. The office and the switchboard would be maned by a gentleman at night , a lady would work on Saturday 12-7pm. Then on Sunday they would alternate the noon to 7pm shift when she worked Sunday she got an extra .50. At this time there were less than a hundred customers but they knew this customer base  would grow.  After the gentlemen got through going over the details of the job they left. 

After a month  on the job Ruby was pleased with her new life and job. On this Tuesday morning Ruby sat at the switchboard having completing a call. There was a knock on the door and it opened to reveal a very handsome man with an apple in his hand.

“Hello my name is Adam I work down the hall at the Cotton Exchange and I wanted to bring the beautiful new telephone operator an apple.”he said

Ruby blushed and said. “Thank you and I am Ruby.”

After that meeting they became fast friends. As time went on they would take lunch together and he would walk her home on occasion. Soon they were attending church, going on carriage rides , and enjoying time together and with friends.

Their time was spent talking , laughing and just enjoying each other’s company.

So it was a surprise on that Monday morning when Ruby got to work and Adam was not at work. The gentleman that was in his office told Ruby Adam had been called to Memphis but he had left Ruby a letter.

Ruby thanked him and went down to her office to start work.

When she got there her day started off in blur she placed the letter in her drawer. In her heart she knew this day would come after all she was older than Adam and she was just a simple girl making her way in the world. Adam on the other hand came from a wealthy family and  was so very handsome.

That night when she got home she read the letter . It was so sweet Adam was declaring his love for her and assuring her he would be back in Jackson soon. 

Days turned into weeks and Ruby had not heard another word from Adam. On this day she decided to go for a walk and clear her mind. As Ruby was crossing Main St. she had not been paying attention. The trolly was on top of her instead of stepping back she kept going and was run over. By the time they got her to the Doctor it was to late she was dead.

 The day of the funeral Adam arrived back his office where on his desk were all the letters he had written Ruby. No one took them to her . While he was standing in his office someone came by and saw him. That is how he found out about her accident. He rushed to the church only to meet the funeral procession headed to Riverside Cemetery.

After the service he waited as they covered the casket and placed the flowers and the ring box on the grave.

No matter what his friends and family said he would not leave Ruby. Three days later they found Adam dead laying by Ruby’s grave. In his hands were the letters he had written Ruby. It was obvious he had been reading them to Ruby.

It was a week later that someone reported hearing voices on the second floor of the Lafayette building and no one was there. Over the years the couple have been seen in the hall but when people  turn around the couple are no where to be seen. Even after all the renovations that have been done on the building the couple have been spotted and heard giggling. The employees of Penny’s swore they saw and heard them. TLM employees have reported shadows on the second floor and in the basement. The elevator will start and stop with no one in it or on the upper or lower floors to have sent it on the way. The explanation Ruby and Adam are in the building where they had fallen in love their happy place. Do not worry they will not hurt you they just want to be happy together forever.

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