Yep.  What looks like a carnival midway of competing signs from a plywood building growing like Kudzu at the corner of Campbell and Highway 45, that’s The Hut as first By then Mike had moved The Hut across the street.  J. T. brought Georgia Nickias to the Hut, who with her brother Johnny had been creating baked goods at the Fox Restaurant downtown

imagined and built.  It stood where the Pronto Pup was later built.  The Hut was takeout pit BBQ with carhops would bring it to your car if you preferred.

Mike Tucker had created, what turned out to be a legend of food memories for many.  The

 idea was simple, Hicksville’s crossroad was half way between New Orleans and Chicago, a perfect place to stop to eat.  Mike also began building a motel to house the weary travelers.  In later 1949 or early 1950, with construction costs above estimates forpigx  the motel, he decided to sell the Hut to J. T. Hamilton.

Added in 1960’s the 3 Pigs

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