The Chero-Cola Story

When it was first marketed in 1910, Chero-Cola was just one of many cola-flavored soft drinks that had emerged in the wake of Coca-Cola’s success. Although most people today have never heard of Chero-Cola, other soft drink brands that evolved from the same company are familiar to millions.

Soda Fountain Patent Medicines

In the latter half of the 1800s, the typical drugstore featured a soda fountain, owing to the enduring perception of carbonated water as a health tonic. Soda fountains added a wide array of flavors to the bubbly water, and eventually pharmacists began experimenting with adding exotic roots and herbs, creating a market for a new type of beverage. As with the countless “patent medicines” that had long dominated the over-the-counter pharmaceutical industry, these new sodas were advertised for their alleged medicinal benefits. Coca-Cola, for example, was promoted as a remarkably beneficial stimulant, thanks to the cocaine it contained in its early years

Although it has never come close to challenging the market dominance of Coca-Cola or Pepsi,  the company had become a global corporation called Royal Crown

founder was trying to find a replacement for Coca Cola.  It only lasted until 1921 when a court ruled that “Cola” couldn’t be used in their name.  They changed their name to Nehi in 1928 and eventually introduced a new cola named Royal Crown in 1933.

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