Photographer Dr. Danny Winbush

Horton-Bond Building

211 Baltimore

d n english

When the Storm hit downtown Jackson May 4th 2003 many buildings were damaged or destroyed. 211 Baltimore was a mess but the owner, David Horton ,saw this as an opportunity to rebuild and improve his building.

David Horton  had met David Burke at a Cattleman’s Association meeting . Horton had heard from mutual friends that David Burke was ironwork artist. David H.had this vision of a balcony on his building like the ones in New Orleans. So the conversations began between the two Davids.

David Burke was from St. Rose, Louisiana,20 miles from New Orleans, he had learned welding in high school since he knew it would come in handy around the ranch. He enjoyed welding so much he sought out more classes in fabrication. With all the addition education he became certified in highly specialized welding and fabrication.

Burke’s talent was in demand for equipment repair, pipe repair all around the New Orleans area. That work paid the bills but his love was his ornamental iron work.  Soon  he found he was in demand for his ornamental iron designs and  work. He told me the ornamental work in New Orleans had to be historically correct and was hard but satisfying . His joy was his original designs seeing them going from a drawing to a finish product. As his work became  more in demand he could pick and choose.This also allowed to expand his Louisiana ranch spend more time riding horses and spending  more time with his daughter and two sons.

Burke designed the balcony and second story feature with historic New Orleans in mind. Through phone calls and faxes the Davids were able to narrow down the design, structure, materials and city regulations . When David Burke arrived in Jackson it took him a little over 2 weeks.  The structural steel was made in Jackson but he bought the ornamental steel with him since he had created it in his shop in St. Rose.

Burke was very complementary about the people he met in Jackson and the City itself.

Thanks to the vision and work of David Horton and David Burke we have a bit of New Orleans in Jackson. Now the building is for sale and will pass to another to appreciate and care for this lady on Baltimore.



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