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Let’s go back in time when the Chickasaw Indians were using the Hatchie Bottoms as their hunting and summer camping grounds.

In the 1600’s before the settlers came to West Tennessee this area was rich in wildlife. For example there were bears, wildcats, deer just to  name a few. We know this for a fact because of the diaries of the fur traders that traveled the area to buy the hides from the various tribes. Another little known fact is there are several Indian mounds scattered across the area around the Hatchie Bottoms on the Madison County side as well as the Haywood County side.

Back to the spirits of Hatchie Station some of the earliest stories are of the drums and mysterious camp fires,

Mr Charlie Luke told me the story about on more than one occasion since he had been living on the bank of the river he would hear  the drums. He said he would close his eyes imaging the campsite where the men of the tribe were  butchering their daily harvest of game. While the men did this the women would be cooking and preparing to cure the meat. The spirits of these hunters still can  be felt as you watch the river flow past under the old bridge. 

 Time passes soon come the settlers and gone are the Indians. Now the flat bottom boats and wagons  loaded with families and their dreams of making a home. There was also sorry many young children and elderly died on the journey. Around this area there were grave sites. Some of the spirts wander the area wondering where they are and where are their families.

Next came the ferry that connected Haywood Co to Madison Co and the steamboats that navigated the Hatchie river carrying goods and passengers. At Hatchie Station there was a “turnaround” for the big boats. The spirits from this era are the two young children that fell off the ferry and drown. They have been seen playing in the river or running around the banks playing tag and laughing. 

Then there was the gambler that got thrown off a riverboat for cheating. It was said he got thrown off the boat about a 1/3 mile down from Hatchie Station.  His body was found  on the Haywood Co side he can be seen pacing and heard cursing when there is a full moon..

These are just some of the spirits that float around Hatchie Station but you have to remember ghosts let special people to see them.

Have you ever felt or seen a ghost?

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