The story of the Sand Dunes

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Can you hear the drums?

Sitting on the top of the sand dunes above the Hatchie River the boys could hear the drums. The year was 1918 and the story was started.  

For years it had been said if you visited the sand dunes off the Somerville Highway in the fall you would hear the drums of the hunting parties. 

Several Indian tribes used the Hatchie Bottoms as hunting grounds for years recorded as early as the 13th century.They would set up hunting camps along the River and hunt during early morning. The lands were full of deer, Buffalo, bear and other animals good for food and hides to trade.  They  would celebrate their hunts while processing the meat and tanning the hides. While they did this they would sound the drums,play the flute and sing.

The white man were not a problem the ones they did deal with   were traders and explorers. No threat…

As time passed the Indians lost their hunting ground to the white man. The hunting parties were gone but the spirits  of the elders stayed around.  It was also said the lands of the Bottoms had a few burial mounds. That contained the remains of ones who passed while on the hunting journey.

Sitting on the top of the sand dunes above the Hatchie River the boys could hear the drums. The year was 1918 and the story was started.

The boys had heard about the sounds and the phantom fires that were said to dot the landscape. 

Peter,John Paul, and Mason trusted Peter’s father so they told him their plans. He just smiled since his wife and daughters were visiting her sister in Brownsville he helped them pack some food,  a shovel  , a small lantern and quilts. Off they were to the Dunes. They set up their camp ,dug a pit for a fire, spread their quilt out.

Before  sunset the music and singing could be heard  . As dark fell they saw the fires then it happened out of nowhere a shadow appeared on the edge of the woods.

The  moon was full there were no shadows  then the arrow landed just a few feet away and a wild scream was heard.

The boys took off Peter put out the fire and caught up with John Paul and Mason  running all the way home. They opened the window to Peter’s room. The father had sat up because he knew they would be home before the night was over. He looked in Peter’s room and could see the shapes of the 3 boys under the cover . The father got up early and made breakfast  the boys appeared after cleaning up. Soon they were telling their story.  He did not doubt them he hooked up the small wagon and took  them to where they had camped to pick up their stuff . Sure enough there was the remainder of the food they had brought and evidence where their camp fire had been . Where they said the  arrow had been were 3 arrow heads and a large rabbit foot that looked like  it had just been cut off a rather large rabbit.

The father gathered up the objects and told the boys not to say anything to anyone.

Yea sure , the story was passed down at many a campfire.

Are the spirits still there ? Can you still hear the drums?

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