Ghost of the little girl

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dn english

In 1856 the railroad tracks reached Brownsville. The first Memphis and Ohio train arrived carrying freight, mail and passengers. The train came from Memphis to Brownsville then did a turn a round and head back to Memphis. It was said the train left Brownsville and arrived in Memphis six hours later.The reason was because of the many stops loading and unloading freight ,mail and passengers.

It wasn’t until 1906 when the first train station was completed that the sightings began.

In 1905 a young girl got on the train with her mother to go to Memphis the mother fell asleep. When the train arrived in Memphis the mother woke up and her daughter was no where to be found. Panic ensued they search the train from one end to the other.

Then someone reported they had seen the girl get off in Stanton. Family members searched to no luck . Then when the train station opened in 1906 the sightings started .

After the Memphis train left the station people said they would see a little sitting on the steps of the station crying and then she wasn’t there.

It was not until a year later they found the body of a little girl in an abandoned telegraph house near Stanton. They identified her by the doll that was with her. The young girl had been kidnapped by a lady known to have lost her little girl in 1904. The lady had admitted the deed in a note found when they discovered her hanging from a tree behind her house. They think the little girl had escaped and was walkings down the tracks to Brownsville. She had taken shelter in the telegraph house and died.

The reason she appeared at the train station she was waiting on her mother because that was the last time they had been together. When the station was torn down in 1971 everyone thought that would be the end of the sightings.

Not so I have been told on a full moon night you can see a faded set of steps and there she sits holding her doll and crying..

This story was told me by my great Aunt Vera when I was a child. I think it was to scare me not to “take up with strangers” .

It worked and I never forgot

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