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Little known facts about Haywood Co. TennesseeI

d n english

The Dancyville Methodist Cemetery was established in 1830’s. If your interested you can roam the cemetery and see if you can find interesting tombstones. I was always told by Miss Dorothy Moore that there was a 1813 veteran buried there,  also veterans from Spanish American war, WWI,WWII, ex slaves, 1 gypsy and many everyday citizens. It was always interesting to walk around and write down the various names and dates but never at night.

The town was named after the local blacksmith Issac Dancy in 1837. The state in 1838 began the plans for a road from Fayette Co. through Dancyville to Brownsville. 

This is a round about way to tell you about the one of the ghost that wanders the area.

The lady was part of a group of gypsies that had purchased land outside Dancyville. They use this farm as a base camp and traveled around West Tennessee and Northern Mississippi. A group would travel,   pick up odd jobs, put on shows and of course set up a fortune telling tent. Then in the winter come back to the home place

share what they earned and get ready for the next outing.

The group that stayed behind ran the farm where they grew crops and all sorts of herbs. They earned  money other ways around the neighborhood They had a blacksmith business , worked as carpenters and field hands. One of the ladies was known far and wide as a talented fortune teller and healer.

Ladies of the area would come to find out there future and to get potions. Unlike other areas the gypsies were accepted in this part of Haywood County. 

The fortune tellers daughter  was a striking beauty with the voice of an Angel. She and her family attended the Methodist church where she sang in the choir. 

One night she and her brother were leaving choir practice and a storm came out of nowhere . A tree fell on their buggy she was killed instantly her brother died going for help.

It is said that her spirit still can be seen in the area of the cemetery  and if you listen you can hear her singing her favorite hymns at night after a funeral. 

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