Good Friday afternoon
dn english 

This morning I heard a blip of Dolly Parton’s new song “Don’t’t make me come down there”. According to one reviewing the song it’s about God looking down on earth discouraged by what he sees.
This reminded me of a Granddaddy English story. It was in the 1950’s a beautiful Sunday morning after the Baptist church service . Now let me explain this as Grandaddy did to me he was born and raised Methodist and Grandmother was raised Baptist. He was born in 1895 and she was b in 1900. When they were married in 1921 is was decided Granddaddy would become a Baptist. Have I mentioned my Grandmother was a very strong opinionated woman Granddaddy did not stand a chance.
I once asked him why he became a Baptist he looked at me 
“Honey the way I see it we pray to the same God. Now the way I see it if I am a good, caring person and believe in God it does not what matter what church pew I sit in on Sunday. Besides it made your Grandmother happy. I love that lady it is my job to care for her and make her happy.”
Back to this particular Sunday morning it had been a trying day at church and Grandmother was all a flutter. We had been sent outside so she could finish lunch and so she could “think and pray”.
We were on the back steps under the kitchen window and could hear every word. She was in full prayer . We could hear “Dear God forgive so and so ,Dear God guide so and so” you get the jest.
Granddaddy took my hand and together we walked to the front yard.
After a bit he looked at me and smiled.”Honey I wonder if God looks down after hearing all the request and shakes his head and says
“That does it I am changing my name.” After he said that he just laughed
Seeing the puzzled look on my face he hugged me “I was kidding we know God is always there for us.”
I thought of that conversation many times and wondered the same thing especially in today’s world.

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