The ghost in the mirror

dn english

This is a story told me by my Aunt Sissy.1

First let me tell you about my Aunt Sissy,she was my Grandmother English younger sister. She and her husband were not blessed with children. For some unknown reason I was her favorite great niece she loved having me spend the weekend. We would cook, wander around the farm and she would tell me stories.

My Aunt Sissy was an independent thinker, free spirit, lover of nature and just a little bit off center. 

Now do not shake your head you know everyone knows  “kin folk” that would fit that description. ( lay you odds that is how my great nieces and nephews feel about me)

Let’s go back to the Ghost in the mirror. 

It was a beautiful spring Saturday with our picinic lunch and guilt we took off to where there was a grove of Dogwood trees by a small pond. 

We spread out the quilt and just sat there enjoying the peace and beauty .

“Sweet girl I want to tell you a story and give you something to think about as you grow up. I know your grandmother does not believe in ghost but I know your Greatmother English did believe in spirits on earth.

As you grow older you will make up your own mind but I will tell you you are special so be willing to except something’s you do not understand. Do not overthink .” She said

“Let me tell you a story.”

One day let say a girl named Vera got out of bed and looked in the mirror and saw the face of her deceased mother. Then like a slide show she  started to see faces of love ones long gone. Individuals that loved her and meant so much to her as she matured. Then the faces changed to love ones and special individuals she had around her now.

She sat on the edge of her bed and wondered what this “vision” meant.Then like a lightning bolt it hit her had she shown her gratitude or had she taken the love for granted.

That day she changed she never let a day go by without expressing her gratitude not only to God but the individuals around her. Even the grumpy old man that was so negative and told her she would never amount to anything. His attitude pushed her harder to prove him wrong and she did just that.

As a teacher she was able to encourage her students and for years she would receive notes or visit from former students.

“ Now sweet girl do not let a day go by that you do not try to make a difference. Show your gratitude , pass on a kind word, be that light for someone and always listen. This is a life lesson I am passing on so when you see the ghosts in the mirror they will send you love and pride.”

I have always remembered this story and my special Aunt Sissy with appreciation and love. I wish I could say I have always lived my life that way but no I am human and I have fallen short. Each time I fall I change my attitude and work to be better.

What about you when you see your ghost or angels in the mirror do you measur up? Today is a new day you can change be kinder and generous with your gratitude and listen careful not to be that negative person. 

“If you cannot say anything positive say nothing” sound familiar. 

Enjoy your day!

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